Submission Guidelines's articles are designed to give those interested in a topic a beginner's guide to enjoying something new.

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Submission Guidelines:

  1. Start at the beginning. These are beginner's guides, don't assume the reader knows what you know.
    • If a beginner's guide has been created, a introductory guides to a more more complicated or in-depth sub-topic can be created. For example, if learning economics has been created, an article on learning Keynesian or Austrian economics is good.

  2. Keep it concise. Don't bog the guide down with irrelevant details.

  3. When referencing a published work, include the work's name and author(s).

  4. Read examples already on the site.

  5. Have fun. These guides should be enjoyable for the readers and you're writing about a topic you're knowledgeable about

  6. Nothing obscene. Please avoid cursing, pornography, x-rated topics, etc.

  7. All submitted articles will be reviewed by's review board. They may be edited for readability before publishing. As much as possible, information presented will be kept intact. By submitting to you are giving permission and full rights to use submitted information as the site sees fit.